Casting Ideas for Missing Time (Part 1)

I don’t usually visualize a particular person while writing, or name a person who I think fits the part, primarily because I don’t want to limit my readers from visualizing the character the way they want. But I thought, why not have fun and name the people I might cast as parts from MISSING TIME.

Let’s start with the part of Kevin Lloyd, the hero who seems strangely different from the others. Most powers don’t seem to affect him. Nothing can hurt him, and he can move through space and solid matter as though reality has no hold on him.

Kevin is described in the book as bald, African American, and of medium build. I think Trai Byers of TV’s Empire might be a good fit.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next pick. In the meantime, feel free to share any casting choices of your own. Who could you see playing Kevin?

trai byers


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