I wrote these words just moments ago! Consider it a sneak preview of the first chapter of A KNIGHT IN THE GARDEN, the follow up to THE WIZARD IN MY WINDOW. If you haven’t read WIZARD yet, what are you waiting for? 😀

“What’s happening? Where are we?” Robert asked.

“It’s a dream,” Nicole said, a flash of remembrance touching her mind.


Nicole put her fingers to her temples.  It was so hard to remember the waking world here, but something was coming to her.  “It’s a spell, a spell so we can talk in dreams.”

“I don’t understand.”

The tunnel had widened.  Before them was an obelisk of red stone, twice their height and adorned with heavy black chains and shackles.  There were screams in the darkness.

“Timothy cast a spell,” Nicole said, more confident in her memory.  “But that was weeks ago…I thought it didn’t work.  He got sick afterward, he’s in the hospital right now.”  The path to the obelisk lay across a thin cracked bridge of stone.  Her foot slipped, but she recovered her footing, staring into the abyss below.  A rumbling sound rolled from the depths below them. “It was supposed to let me talk to you in your dreams, so I could let you know what’s going on.  Timothy thinks he has it figured out…how to get you out of here.”

“My dreams?” Robert said.

He was no longer beside her.  Nicole pried her eyes away from the black reaches of the abyss and looked up.  Robert was chained to the obelisk, heavy iron bracelets locked around his wrists and ankles and twined around his chest.

“I don’t dream, Nicole.  I don’t sleep here, and I never dream.”

She reached up to the chains, but her fingers slipped across the surface of the metal without finding any purchase.

“Please, Nicole, you have to wake up. You have to get out.”

Viscous red fluid, mixed with pale yellow, welled from the corners of his eyes, which had gone jet black.

“You shouldn’t have come,” Robert said.

A sound came from below, a long low rumbling growl.  Fetid breath stirred the hairs at the base of her neck.

Nicole’s eyes opened. She was relieved to see the familiar moonlit surroundings of her bedroom, the room she had picked out two years ago, when first she climbed to the third floor of this miserable old house.

The chill air on her body told her she had kicked away her covers in her sleep.  Nicole reached down and pulled them back over her, relishing the warmth.  She disliked the house all year around, but especially in December, when the drafts of cold air seemed to blow right through the attic above as if it weren’t even there.  A light flashed next to her: her cellphone.  She had left it sitting on the mattress beside her pillow, and two words appeared on the screen.



The phone buzzed angrily at her.  Pick me up, your mom is calling. Nicole’s eyes drifted closed for a moment, but realization came to her that her mother must be calling from the hospital, and her eyes opened again.  She picked up the phone and touched the answer button on the screen.

“Hello?” she rasped through a scratchy throat.

“Hey…are you awake?” her mother’s voice asked.

A moment of silence. Nicole thought about the obelisk to which Robert had been chained.  She cleared her throat.  “I am now.”

“Timothy’s awake,” her mother said.  “He’s asking for you.”


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