New 5* Review for MISSING TIME

New 5* review for MISSING TIME from Amazon customer “Sandrine Spycher”:

“MISSING TIME is the story of eight teenagers involved in a school bus crash, and waking up with special powers, such as flying, reading minds, or resurrecting the dead. Each remembers a different thing, but none knows what actually happened during the bus crash. Being hunted down, they must put their memories together to find who wants them dead, and answer the question of what happened during the missing time.

J. David Clarke’s science fiction debut novel is filled with action, suspense, and plot twists from beginning to end. The unusual use of narrative structure allows the author to work on the characters’ distorted memories and visions through short scenes and vivid flashbacks. Although some chapters might seem elliptic or lacking in plot background, the dynamic writing makes the novel a fast and easy read.

The characters all have very diverse personalities, which are cleverly revealed through their dialogs and interactions. Moreover, Mr Clarke builds their relationship through memories, thus giving the reader different viewpoints on each protagonist.

This novel is fueled with lots of intertextuality, such as X-Men or Heroes, sometimes explicitly evoked by the characters. And although his style is a bit flat and repetitive, Mr Clarke has the reader wondering, along with the protagonists, what is going on; a question which is beautifully emphasized by the thrilling, and somewhat abrupt, ending of the novel.

MISSING TIME is an absolutely breath-taking page-turner which will make you cling to it and ask for more. I’d recommend this novel to all sci-fi aficionados, and possibly also to anyone interested in questions of memory and forgetting.”


Thanks for reading and most especially for taking the time to post your review. I appreciate the kind words, very glad you enjoyed the ride. I think you got a lot of what I was going for in that first book. Another reader said the book “throws you in at the deep end” and I think that captures the same feeling you did. The book is designed to toss a reader into the middle of crazy events with no idea what has happened before and then give you a piece at a time so you can put the puzzle together yourself, without any help. It’s a crazy experiment, and believe me it only gets more crazy as you move on to book two. I hope you will stay with me, I’m almost half way through the final volume and I believe, for those who stick with it, it is a solid payoff for the whole series. Thanks again!


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