THE WIZARD IN MY WINDOW now available in paperback!

You can now get THE WIZARD IN MY WINDOW in paperback via CreateSpace and Amazon!  (CreateSpace is my preferred vendor but if y0u would rather go through Amazon that works too!)

THE WIZARD IN MY WINDOW is a Young Adult fantasy adventure for the whole family.  It contains no adult content and was specifically written to be kid friendly but full of action and excitement.

When Timothy Collier finds a mark etched in his bedroom window that resembles a wizard with a pointy hat, his family concludes it’s just one more thing to replace in their big old house.  But when a book with blank pages begins to display magical items, one by one they appear in the house. Soon chaos erupts and the Collier family is face to face with an ancient wizard’s greatest powers and deadliest enemies.


EXCERPT (From Chapter 2)

Timothy was forced to use his sister’s soap and shampoo, which he was loathe to admit smelled better than his own, but the hot shower made him feel one hundred percent better.  Towel wrapped around his waist, he padded back to his room, leaving wet footprints across the hall.

That’s when he saw it.

“Whoa!” Timothy’s eyes bulged.

On the window’s sill, gleaming in a pool of sunlight that the window seemed to be gathering and focusing upon it, sat a ring.  Not just any old ring either, but an enormous gold ring, with shapes and sigils carved all the way around it.  Set in it was a shining blue stone.  This was not a flat stone you might find in a graduation ring, but a capital-S Stone, big and weighty, with at least forty or perhaps fifty polished facets around its nearly round shape.  Timothy, at only ten years old, knew that this was like no ring he had ever seen before.  It was certainly no wedding or engagement ring.  Even as beautiful as those could be, they were never so ostentatious or unwieldy as this.

He walked over to the window and picked it up, turning it one way and then the other in the light, examining the stone and the strange shapes carved in the gold.

So preoccupied was he with the ring that Timothy never even noticed the other change that had occurred.  The Magus Liber, lying opened at his feet, was no longer blank. Its first page now began with a large black-and-white illustration of the very ring Timothy now held. Beneath it were the words:




“Mom!” Timothy called.

“Come on down,” she called. “We’re getting ready to go for breakfast.”

He started to run out the door, then realized he was still wrapped in a wet towel.  Timothy closed his door and threw off the towel, grabbing clean clothes out of the box.  He did not want to put down the ring, lest it vanish back whence it had come, but he eventually chose to set it down where he had found it while sliding into his shirt and jeans.  Once dressed, he snatched up the ring again and clutched it in his hand.

Timothy scampered downstairs to find his mother and father waiting in the den.

“Mom!” He held out the ring.  “Is this yours?”

“No,” she said.  “Where on Earth did you get that?”

“I found it.”

“You found it?” She took the ring and held it up, examining the markings. “Found it where?”

“It was on my window sill,” he said.  “I think the wizard sent it to me!”

Bonnie gave Elliott a sidelong glance. “The wizard, huh?”  She handed it back to him.  “You better keep it safe, then.  It’s probably a magic ring.”

“Do you know what it says on it?”

“It’s not Latin,” she said.  “I don’t think it’s any language, just marks.”

“I’m gonna go ask Nicole if it’s hers, just in case.”

“Go ahead, but I’ve never seen Nicole wear anything like that. Or anyone else, for that matter. And while you’re at it, tell her to get down here so we can go to breakfast.”

When he turned his back, Bonnie looked at Elliott and mouthed, Did you do this?

Elliott raised his hands, shrugged and shook his head.

Timothy went back upstairs, mindful to take it easy this time so as not to trigger another attack.  He knocked on Nicole’s door.

“What?” she said.

He opened the door to find her sitting on the floor.

“Are you coming to breakfast?” he asked.

“I haven’t decided yet.  What do you want?”

“Hey, is this yours?” He held up the ring.

A scowl twisted her face.  “That is the single ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.  Where did you get that?”

“The wizard in my window gave it to me.”

Nicole stood, walked over to him, and put her hands on his shoulders. “Sometimes I have no idea what you’re talking about, so I just want to make sure I got that right.  Did you just tell me an old man was at your window handing out bling? Because, if so, we’re getting out of this house right now.”

“No, he wasn’t AT the window, he’s IN the window.” Tim shoved the ring in his pocket.

“Are you talking about that weird mark or whatever?”

“Yeah!” Timothy said.  “That’s the wizard.”

“I’m going to breakfast.  I need food to deal with you.”  She trudged out of the room and headed downstairs.

Timothy put a hand on his pocket to make sure the bulge of the ring was still there, and followed.


The whole family piled into their SUV (Elliott driving with Bonnie in the passenger seat holding Caroline, and Nicole and Timothy in the back) and drove down the little road that led into town.  It wasn’t much of a town really, just a few small strips of shops, a couple of cafes, a grocer and a gas station.

As they passed one of the rows of shops in the town square, Bonnie pointed out one of the storefronts.

“There’s my shop,” she said.

“Can we go inside?” Timothy asked.

“We’ll go in after breakfast when you drop me off,” she said.  “I have to stay there and wait for the movers to get here with my inventory.”

“You mean the books,” he said.

“Yep, I mean the books.” Bonnie smiled.  “There’s more than that, though.”

Timothy nodded.  She had once explained to him about diversification in the inventory, how her store needed to carry other things that appealed to book readers.  She had showed him the so-called “impulse items” she carried by the registers, like bookmarks and pens and other items.  Timothy was of the generation of eReaders and tablets, so he didn’t quite “get” his parents’ fascination with books, but he knew what she meant when she talked about the bookstore.

A buzzing sensation shook Timothy’s right leg.  He clapped his hand over the area, and found the bulge of the ring at its center.  He pulled it out and looked at it.  Nothing had changed, except the ring did appear…smaller?  No, not exactly, the gemstone was still the same marble-sized, multi-faceted clear blue ball.  The gold band was still wide and ornately carved, sporting the same strange symbols and shapes.  Timothy turned it to the side and held it up to his eye.

“The hole is smaller,” he said.

“What’s that, sport?” his father asked.

“He’s talking to his hideous ring,” Nicole said without taking her eyes off her phone.

“Oh… well…okay, then.”

The ring had re-sized itself, from what had been a very large diameter, big enough to accommodate a very large adult, to…

Timothy held out the ring and put the middle finger on his right hand up to it.  They were a perfect match.  Timothy slowly slid his finger into the ring and pushed it back, where it snugly fit against his hand.

The blue stone shone forth a piercing light, and a sound emerged, like a single ring from a tiny silver bell.

“Holy…” Nicole put down her smartphone and gawked at the ring.  “What was that?”

“It’s a magic ring,” Timothy said.  “I told you.”

Elliott pulled the SUV into the cafe parking lot and parked.  “I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starving!”

“Dad, check it out!” Nicole grabbed his arm as they got out of the car.  “Tim’s got a magic ring, for real!”

“Oh really?” he said, grinning. “A real magic ring, huh Timothy?”

Timothy held his hand up proudly, but the light had died out and the ring appeared normal, although garish, on his right hand.

“And what does the magic ring do?” Bonnie asked, propping Caroline up on her shoulder.

Timothy shrugged.  “I don’t know.  The wizard didn’t tell me.”

“You told me you never saw the wizard,” Nicole said.  “You just got it from that stupid window!”

“I mean in my dream,” Timothy said.

“Dream?” Nicole looked up at their father, who was smiling bemusedly. “Dad, for real, that ring is not normal.”

“Okay, okay, let’s get some food, I’m starving,” he said.


“Try making a wish!” Nicole blurted out while they were waiting for their food.

“You’re not giving up on this are you?” Elliott asked, chuckling.

Nicole sat across from Timothy, with Bonnie and Elliott on the sides at right angles, and Caroline in a high chair at the corner of the table.

Bonnie sipped her coffee and looked at Timothy expectantly.  “Okay, go for it.”

“What do I wish for?” he asked.

“Anything,” Nicole said.  “Just close your eyes and…focus on the ring!”

“Okay,” he said. He closed his eyes and concentrated, holding his hand balled into a fist, with the ring almost touching his lips.

The family waited.  Even Caroline seemed to be watching.

“Here’s your pancakes, little man.” A waiter said, setting down a big stack of pancakes in front of Timothy.

“Boom!” said Caroline.

“It worked!” cried Timothy.

Elliott and Bonnie laughed.

“No, dummy,” Nicole said, “you don’t wish for something you already had coming…”

Timothy doused his pancakes in hot maple syrup from the dish the waiter had brought.  “Seems like it worked pretty good!”

The waiter handed the others their orders, checked to see if they needed anything else, and wandered off to the back.

“You have to wish for something else,” she said.

Timothy took a big bite of pancakes and syrup.  “But I don’t want anything else.”

“Ughhh…” Nicole put her fingers to her temples.  “Not like food, like…try wishing for bars of solid gold or something.”

“Moghay,” he said.

“Chew your food, Tim,” Bonnie said.

Timothy held the ring up and concentrated on it while chewing his pancakes.

They waited.  Seconds ticked by, with no result.

“Looks like that was a bust, princess,” Elliott said.  “You should try turning invisible, Timmy.”

Bonnie gave him a look.

“What? It worked in those movies,” Elliott said with a laugh.

Nicole shook her head.  “No, if it was like that, he would of turned invisible when he put it on.”

Bonnie laughed.  “She’s got you there.”

“Besides,” said Timothy, struggling to chew and swallow his pancakes while talking, “that ring was evil.”

“And we’re fresh out of volcanoes around here,” said Elliott.

“Try levitating something!” Nicole said.

“Oh lord,” Bonnie moaned.

“What’s levitating?” Timothy asked.

“Like, try making your plate float in the air…”

Timothy concentrated.

“No, you have to point the ring at it,” she said.

“She’s an expert on magic rings now,” Elliott said.

“Dad, this is serious!”

“Okay,” Bonnie said, “this is getting ridiculous.  Can we just eat our breakfast please?”

Timothy pointed the ring at his plate and focused.

Elliott put a hand on his arm.  “Okay Tim, stop trying to levitate your pancakes and just eat them.”

Tim put his hand down and shrugged to Nicole.


When they were finished with breakfast, Nicole ushered Tim outside to the car.

“Okay,” she said, “before they get out here, try blasting something.”

“Blasting what?”

“Aim the ring at the wall, and just…blast it.”

Timothy considered.  “Are you sure?”

“Well, okay, just aim it into the sky then.”

Timothy aimed the ring into the sky and focused on sending out a blast.

They waited a few seconds, but again, nothing happened.

“Ugh!” Nicole pounded a fist into her hand.


By the time they got to the bookstore, Nicole had had him run through several different things.  He had tried to teleport.  He had tried to listen in on their thoughts.  He had tried to look through solid objects.  He had tried to lift Nicole with one hand (not only could he not do that, he couldn’t lift her with both hands).  He had tried to control the weather.

When Nicole’s suggestions fell flat, Elliott took over with some he had taken from a comic book villain with magic rings.  He had tried to take control of his parents (Nicole seemed particularly disappointed when that attempt failed).  He had tried to melt and freeze things.  He had tried to cast lightning.  He had tried to create fire.  He had tried to shine a light.  He had tried to speed up and slow down the car (Elliott had fun hitting the gas and pretending it worked until Nicole told him to knock it off).  He had tried to create a vortex of air.

Nothing worked, and considering how disastrous many of the things attempted might have been to the Colliers’ SUV, perhaps they were unwittingly lucky to have had no success.


“Okay, as much as I’ve enjoyed the magic ring game,” Bonnie said, “we’re here.  You guys want to come in for a minute and check it out?”

“I do!” Elliott said supportively.

“Me!” Timothy called.

They got out of the car and Bonnie fished out her keys and unlocked the door.  As she and Elliott went in, Nicole grabbed Timothy and held him back.

“Wait wait, I got another idea!” she said.

“I’m tired of trying things,” Timothy said wearily.  “I want to see the store.”

“Come on, just one more thing!”

He rolled his eyes.  “Okay, what?”

“Try to fly,” she said.


Nicole nodded.  “Yeah, come on.  Just raise the ring up and try to fly.”

Timothy held his fist raised in the air, ring pointed to the sky, and concentrated.


“No, no,” she said.  “You have to try.  Like, actually jump into the air.”

Timothy let out an exasperated sigh.  He aimed the ring into the sky, crouched down…

…and launched into the air like he was thrown from a catapult.

“WHOA!” Nicole backed off and watched him.

Timothy screamed and waved his arms and legs around in panicky spirals as he rose up, up into the air…then his path began to arc and he came back down, landing on the roof of the store.

“Are you okay?” she shouted.

Timothy peeked over the edge.  “I’m…fine…” he said, breathing heavily.

“Come down here, quick!”

He clambered over the edge of the roof and, rather than falling to the ground, stuck to the side of the store, crawling like a spider down to the ground.

“Look!” he shouted. “I’m Spider-Man!”

Nicole grabbed him and hauled him to his feet just as Elliott and Bonnie burst through the door to the store.

“What was that sound?” Elliott asked.

“What sound?” Nicole asked, smiling.

“Did you two throw something up on the roof?”

“The roof…no, we didn’t throw anything,” she said.

“Tim?” he asked pointedly.

“No…throw…” Timothy tried to say while struggling to breathe. “Spider…jump…”

Bonnie moved to take hold of Timothy.  “Shhh, it’s okay, breathe…just try to calm down.”

“You saw a spider?” Elliott asked Nicole.

“I didn’t see anything,” she said.

“Maybe you should take them home,” Bonnie said.  “I’m good to wait here for the inventory, you need to get home and get the movers on the phone.”

“Good idea, let’s get on home!” Nicole grabbed Timothy and shoved him into the back of the SUV.  “Bye mom! Have a good day!”

Before she closed the back door she whispered to Timothy, “Don’t tell them…they’ll take it away.”



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