NaNoWriMo Week 4: The Wall

When last I wrote in Week 3, things were starting to get really rough.  I was having enormous difficulty just getting myself to sit at the keyboard and write.  Plots were log jamming in my head, everything was a tangled mess, and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to negotiate the “balls in the air” stage of my juggling with the “each one successfully caught” finale.

It got worse.

Heading into the final week, I hit a brick wall head on.  Writing ground to a screeching halt because I simply did not know how to make things go forward. Too far off the roadmap for my original ending to work, not far enough to scrap it and come up with something completely new.  Stuck.

I did not write for two days (Days 23 and 24) and I had already missed two days previously, in Week 3. My surplus became a deficit became OH MY GOD I’M SO FAR BEHIND.  I despaired that  I would not be able to recover.  In fact, I sat down on that 3rd day ready to write a very different blog from this one, detailing why I was accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to make it, but had done a lot of writing and could be happy with that.

But as I hammered out a few more words on the story that day, something clicked. I knew exactly how to make the new elements fit with my original story, and the whole thing fell into place, like a new road map spreading out before me.  It was beautiful, better than what I had originally planned, in fact.  The words started flowing.  I needed to write 3000 words 3 days in a row to get back on track and reach my goal.  Up until this point, I had written over 3k words/day only once.  But I knew I could do it.  I diligently sat down every day and hammered them out, following my new road map.

On Day 29, I had only 4000 words to reach my goal.  Why put off the final 1000 until Day 30?  I forced myself to stay at the keys last night until I crossed the threshold.  The NaNoWriMo site gloriously revealed its Winner Screen to me.  Celebratory turtle cheesecake was devoured.

Thanks to all who have been following the adventures of Timothy Collier and his family.  Despite the challenges of doing it all in one month, I’ve really enjoyed sharing this story.  And it’s not QUITE over, as you may have noticed from Day 29’s entry.  I still have a chapter and a half to go.  I will continue to update until the whole thing is complete.  And you can still download the whole WiP free from Smashwords, so grab it before I’m done and it gets taken down for editing and publication.  While I’m on the subject, take advantage of my “Name Your Own Price” sale on all my eBooks at Smashwords through Christmas Day! You can set your own discount and save money on a good book or three.

It’s been quite a month, and quite a challenge! Stick with me, though, lots more on the way, not only for THE WIZARD IN MY WINDOW but my other upcoming works in the next year: TIME LOST, KEEPER OF DAYS: THE BOOK OF DAY AND NIGHT, and other surprises.  Thanks always for your readership and support!



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