Author Q&A with Krista Walsh

This week I caught up with my friend, author Krista Walsh, with a few questions about her latest project, GREYLANDS.

Here’s the book’s description from Amazon:

“Within Greylands, a city crippled by recession and oppressed by a corrupt police force, a starving seventeen year old Alexis fights to survive. When her brother is killed on a food raid, she has two choices: life in prison for shoplifting, or escaping to the Shadows, an underground world of thieves, scavengers, and cons.

But after a member of the city’s elite is murdered, the Shadows faces extinction as the law seeks to lay the blame at its door. Their survival rests on Alexis’ shoulders as she finds herself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy.

Truths are revealed and alliances are tested in this collection of serial stories. Nine unique authors come together to create a story that proves even the darkness is worth fighting for.”

Sounds intriguing eh?

The book recently launched, so she has been understandably busy! But no one can evade me forever, no matter how hard they try, so when I finally had her cornered I fired off a few quick questions about the book and her!

Me: (barely able to breathe after chasing her for several city blocks) Tell me a little bit about the concept of GREYLANDS. What is this all about?

KW: Greylands started as a way to make my blog more interactive. I wanted to encourage people’s imaginations and creativity, and showcase other people’s hard work and talent. The idea for the story came out of nowhere. I like to say it’s a cross between the Thieves’ Guild in Skyrim and maybe a bit of Peter Pan.

Me: I understand this is an anthology. Who else contributed to the book?

KW: I’d have to say yes and no to the word “anthology”. Yes, in the sense that there are a bunch of names behind it, but Greylands is more a novel written by nine people.   I was very lucky to get some incredible collaborators. In alpha order, let me introduce: Colin F. Barnes (Geisha), Jane D’Aoust (various), Chris Henry (Dieb), Rob Kameron (Rhyme), Chelsea S. Miller (Firefly), KL Schwengel (Fletch), and Michael Wyst (various).

Me: How dare you say no to one of my words? I should call off this interview right now.  But then you’d only escape again. Curses!!  Oh well.  So, how did this collaboration come about? Did you all know each other beforehand?

KW: I’m pretty sure a few of the authors noted above still have not exchanged words. The collaboration was by submission only, open to anyone who wanted to participate. No one discussed their projects with each other (other than myself), and I did my best to give them the freedom to go where they wanted to go.  A friend of mine offered a good analogy the other day in calling Greylands an improv, a series of “yes, and…”

Me: Okay, you made a theatre reference, so I love you again.  What kind of characters can I expect to meet in GREYLANDS?

KW: They’re the scoundrels, the cons, the thieves and scavengers. Mostly young, because not many people live long enough to be called old in this dystopian setting, they do what they need to survive. They live in an underground labyrinth of tunnels and abandoned buildings called The Shadows. Lots of sass, strength and savvy.

Me: So an entire book full of me! Now I really have to buy this.  😉 Who is your favorite character from the book and why?

KW: I’ve been back and forth a lot on this question. There are so many great characters by so many great authors that’s difficult to pick just one. Today I want to throw the spotlight on Reason. Just as her name suggests, she’s the practical one. Level-headed, she’s able to see what not many other people can.

Me: Ah yes, that’s definitely me. Except for the practical, level headed, seeing part.  What was the hardest part about bringing this book to life?

KW: I can’t remember. Honestly. I look back and I think the most stressful time was about Part 5 of the original posts, when I wasn’t sure if my original ending would get to stay the way I planned it, or how every else was going to wrap up their storylines. I felt like it was out of my control. In the end, my ending did change, but for the better, and, just like the rest of the way through the project, everyone seemed to be on the same wavelength in terms of plot and ideas, so the stories all tied up really well.

Me: I can imagine that would be difficult, I barely manage all of my own plots!  (Some would argue that I don’t manage them at all…) Do you have a favorite author? What are you reading right now?

KW: Just by going for the author whose work I’ve read the most, I’ll say LM Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables and The Blue Castle. At the moment I’m reading Bill Bryson’s At Home: A Short History of Private Life and loving it. So instructive and entertaining. I now know everything I ever wanted about the history of building materials.

Me: What can we expect from you in the future? Any current projects in the works?

KW: I’m currently starting the self-pub process for my fantasy novel Evensong, which I’m hoping will be out in February. Evensong is the story of fantasy author Jeff Powell, who wakes up one morning to find he’s been summoned into his fictional world by some unsatisfied characters to help them solve problems he hasn’t written. The trouble is that the house enchantress has no idea how to send him home.

Me: Yikes! Sounds like your basic “Lucy, joo got some splainin to do” situation.  Okay, you’re done with writing for the day. What do you do to kick back and unwind?

KW: Depends on the season! With our Canadian winter coming up and hibernation setting in, I’m foreseeing a lot of video games in my free time. And reading, of course.

Me: No beer and no hockey make Canadian Homer go crazy.  Okay, I guess it’s about time for me to let you out of here and back to the real world where people don’t trap you and ask you a series of questions.  One last thing! How can readers get in touch and keep up with you and your work?

KW: I’m everywhere! You can find me at my blog The Raven’s Quill, my Facebook author pageTwitter, and you can also sign up for my newsletter to get advance notice of promos, book releases, etc.

Me: You’re…everywhere? Why, dear lord, why was I running after you for the last two miles then?? (Womp womp womp…)

Don’t make the same mistake I did! (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve told the world that…) Track Krista Walsh down on the Interwebs rather than chasing her through the frozen wilds of Canada. And be sure to check out GREYLANDS!




  1. Krista Walsh said,

    November 27, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    Thank you for hosting me!

    • November 27, 2013 at 9:00 pm

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for not tasering me and running away without answering all my questions! That’s always appreciated! 😉

  2. November 28, 2013 at 5:06 am

    […] For those of you interested in such things, J. David Clarke returned the favour yesterday and peppered me with all sorts of questions about Greylands and what’s next on the agenda. You can take a read here! […]

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