NaNoWriMo Week 3 Update (This Is Starting To Suck)

Well here I am in week 3. Day 19 to be exact.  It’s been a wild ride so far this month, running the gamut of emotions.  I had prepared for the month by getting ready an outline of how I thought the general progress of my novel would go, complete with general chapter ideas.  I also prepared some character work, including names, brief bios, and some notes about where their character arcs began and ended over the course of the book.  I left the minor details to go “seat of the pants” with, which I felt left me room for things to organically change as I went along.

Week 1 I was riding high, writing was easy and I was still pretty much right on my project’s planned outline.  Things were going about as I expected, I was right on goal almost every day, and having no trouble at all. I was slogging through some days, because the early stuff was setup and exposition, interesting and necessary, but not exactly sexy or fun to write.

Week 2 my brain was starting to get a little fried.  Some days I really wanted to take the day off, but I was hitting the rising action of the book by this point, so that helped me get through it. I was writing lots of really fun and cool scenes and laughing and having a great time at the keyboard every time I sat down, so I didn’t have much trouble. I had some of my best writing days toward the end of the second week.  By this time, however, my plot was deviating wildly from my outline.  LOTS of things were unfolding far differently than I’d originally planned.  Two distinct characters from my original concept ended up being merged into one! Somewhere along the way, I just went…hmm…I think this character turns out to be that. Okay, go with it! It added to the surprise and mystery of the story, and it all seemed to be going so well, I just rolled with the punches.


Week 3 is kicking my ass.  My brain is still fried, but now I am no longer getting the thrills and excitement of the rising action.  Now, some of these plots have to start MAKING SENSE.  Some of these arcs have to start heading toward a conclusion, and those conclusions have to dovetail into something that WORKS.  All this stuff that unfolded in a way I never planned has to somehow wind up in the right place at the end, maybe not the place I had in mind, but a place that isn’t completely BONKERS all the same. On Day 17, I sat down at the keyboard and looked at the blank screen and my brain said, “Pardon me, good sir, I see that you would like me to provide you with some words in order to fill this screen, but, and I don’t wish to be inconsiderate, but I haven’t got the slightest clue what words will make this story move forward in the manner which you have proceeded.  In short, go fuck yourself.”  The entire story came to a screeching halt and I had no idea how to get it going again.  I had to take a day off to think it over.  Moreover, I physically don’t want to write every day anymore.  I’m having a very hard time making myself do it. I end up procrastinating half the day, doing other things that need doing, marketing my other books, social networking, even blogging (LIKE RIGHT NOW), anything but actually writing.  This concerns me because I worry it will show in the actual writing.  I still love the story, still having a great time telling it, but making myself sit down and START telling it is another matter.

At this point, I’m hoping for a burst of inspiration to carry me into the last phase of the novel and through week 4 so I can be done with it and take a few days off.

Then, of course, I’ll begin rewrites. Womp womp…


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