UPDATE: TIME SPENT First Draft complete!

As of this morning I completed the Epilogue to TIME SPENT, which means the first draft is now finished! It came out to about 75,000 words, more than I anticipated, and about 50% longer than MISSING TIME.  I’m pretty proud of it, I think it takes the characters of MISSING TIME to new highs and lows and really delivers on the atmosphere, thrills, twists and turns that those who enjoyed the first book are expecting.

Here is the official blurb for “313” Volume 2: TIME SPENT:

“”If you leave me here, you won’t like what happens next!”  The mystery of MISSING TIME is over.  Now, the passengers of school bus 313 must deal with an even greater threat, as dangerously powerful foes from alternate realities are unleashed in their world.  Even worse, they are plagued by memories of an event they don’t fully understand.  They must piece together the threads of what happened: the rooftop, the cracks in the sky, and a strange otherworldly being.  Is the bus driver’s prophecy coming true?  The end is closer than you think.  TIME SPENT”

I now begin the process of revision and editing which should take me the better part of a month.  TIME SPENT is due to launch in October, so you have until then to get caught up on the story, if you haven’t yet! MISSING TIME is available for purchase for any eReader or through Amazon or CreateSpace (see the BUY MY BOOKS and SUPER HANDY LINKS pages for details).

The prologue and first eight chapters of TIME SPENT are also still available for FREE on this blog, so you can see what the book has in store for you. (I held back the last 3 chapters and epilogue though, so this will only whet your appetite for the big finish!)

Next up for me, preparing for November’s National Novel Writing Month Project, THE WIZARD IN MY WINDOW, as well as getting ready to begin work on “313” Volume 3: TIME LOST.

Thanks for sticking with me this far! I truly appreciate it.  Lots of surprises still to come, so don’t go anywhere!



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