My Weekend at Lone Star Comic Con

This weekend (Mar 22-23) I was in San Antonio for the first ever Lone Star Comic Con.  I was there to sell and sign copies of MISSING TIME (see by Buy My Books, Please? page for links to check it out), and had a blast meeting people of the area and talking about the book.  Here are a few pics I took of my own experience. You can go to my Geek Blog ( to see pics of celebs and cosplayers I saw there.

First, here is the Schertz Civic Center where the con was held: a small but nice venue.

004 005


The first night, it looked like perhaps they had oversold and I got stuck at a table in the hall, which was not great traffic but I still did well.



The second day they finally got me into a table inside the convention hall which was much better. I apologize for the quality of these pics though, because only later did I realize how blurry they are (I’m a terrible photographer.)

007 008


Also while there it turned out the person in the next booth was none other than Cristofer Sanders, who had attended the same college as me, just after I left.  Quite a coincidence, it was fun trading stories and seeing the project he was there promoting, a (in his words) B movie cult classic called BEYOND LEMURIA. (Cris is on the right.)



I’m glad we got this pic as it’s a good reminder that I REALLY need to get back on my diet!

It was a lot of fun, met a lot of great people and really enjoyed talking up the book and signing lots of copies for local convention goers.  Maybe next year they’ll invite me! (hint, hint) 😉



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