Sci-Fi/SuperHero Fans: Buy “Missing Time” in eBook or Print

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“Eight Students.  A school bus.  A lonely bridge in the dark of night.

When the school bus careens off the bridge and crashes into the river, they are lucky just to have survived.  But soon, they discover they have gained special abilities, like the power to read minds, to fly, or to resurrect the dead.  And that’s just the beginning…

Now they are being hunted down one by one, and to survive they must piece together their memories and solve the mystery of the missing time.”

“Missing Time” is a science fiction / super hero novella.  It is the beginning of the 3 part series called “313”.  If you like superhero action, suspense, sci-fi, with a touch of mystery, you will definitely enjoy it.  The story flashes back and forth in time as we piece together the threads of what actually happened that night, and how it changed the lives of the characters.

If you are a comics fan, this series is a very different look at superheroes, something akin to TV’s “Heroes” or “The 4400”, sometimes dark and tragic, but with action and twists, and an apocalyptic overtone as the action moves into Volume 2.

Additionally, if you are looking for books with strong women, look no further.  Becca reads and controls minds.  Heather can transform into anything she touches.  And Mia, well…Mia can throw a car with her bare hands.

Follow the links below and get in on the ground floor of this strange and exciting series!

The eBook edition is available for just $3.13, print edition $9.99 at the following sites:

Buy the Kindle edition #3.13 at Amazon:

Buy the eBook edition $3.13 at Kobo Books!

Buy it and download in ANY eBook format $3.13 at Smashwords:

Buy the Print Edition $9.99 at Amazon!

Buy the Print Edition $9.99 at CreateSpace:


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