TIME SPENT: Recap and Sneak Preview!

Prepare yourself.  The end is closer than you think.

“Time Spent” is Vol. 2 of a 3 part story called “313”.  Volume 1, “Missing Time”, was a story told in 13 parts.  The story concerned a group of high school kids who were involved in a school bus crash.  They discover that since the crash they possess special powers.  Each of them remembers something different about the crash, and none of them was entirely sure what happened.  They also discover that a military group is hunting them down one by one.

(If you haven’t yet read “Missing Time” stop here and go to the Super Handy Links Page! There you can link to the prologue for a free look and link to places to buy “Missing Time” in eBook or Print editions!)



Kevin was always a nervous kid.  He carries deep-seated anxieties, exacerbated by the actual threat of bullying he received from a very young age.  Kevin can teleport, at first only to his home, but over time he masters the ability to go wherever he wants, even walk between worlds.  In addition, Kevin cannot be harmed or killed, nothing seems to affect or hold him, even solid objects fall apart if he wants to go through them.


Left at home by his absentee parents, with only his comics and games to comfort him throughout much of his childhood, Brandon is fixated on superheroes.  Television, movies, comics, and games, he has fixated on them all and formed his worldview on their narratives.  Brandon has become a human projectile, able to fly at extreme velocities.  When in flight, nothing can harm Brandon, and he has been known to blow holes in solid structures.


Simon never felt he was any good at his studies.  He wanted nothing more than to play baseball, but his father thought sports were savage contests played by men who were nothing more than animals.  Simon was perhaps the worst affected by the bus crash, his body devolving to resemble a gorilla.  His mind, however, appears to have been changed in a very different way, giving him psychic glimpses of strange worlds and possible futures, as well as giving him a telekinetic power he manifests as an invisible hand, moving objects at his whim.


Living alone with her alcoholic mother, Heather suffers from low self-esteem and a tendency to let herself get lost in others.  She tends to identify herself by her relationship to Simon, and was on the school bus with him when it crashed.  Heather has gained a power unlike the others, which seems to defy the laws of physics themselves.  She can absorb the properties of anything she touches, including living or inanimate objects. She can duplicate them or even recreate them, turning her body into anything from solid glass to a bird to a working motorcycle.


Troubled and angry, Mia was in juvenile detention for an undisclosed crime.  She holds the secret close, and is tortured and self-loathing because of it.  Mia’s body has become home for an otherworldly energy, which crackles from her eyes and hands as a yellow glow.  The energy gives her immense physical power.  She can project and control it, and it can exert extreme destructive force to anything in her path.


Abandoned by her father at a young age, Becca trusts no one, and let’s no one close enough to trust her in turn.  Becca is beautiful, smart, and blisteringly sarcastic.  She is a telepath, able to read the surface thoughts of anyone around her, as well as take over their minds and control them, even erase their memories of what she has done.

ZACHARY (last name unknown)

Zachary is one of the most mysterious and strange of all the school bus kids.   He suffers from a developmental disability that leaves him a bit confused by the world around him.  Raised and schooled at home by his devoutly religious father, Zachary sees everything in terms of what his father has taught him about God.  Zachary can heal or even resurrect people, and he himself has healed from injury and even returned from death when killed.


Tyler was a star in the making, and his hubris caused him to ignore those closest to him; however, he suffered a rude awakening when he was blinded in a stage accident.  Tyler’s eyes were restored to him in the crash, along with the power to see through solid objects, across long distances, and even microscopic landscapes.  Tyler can also immobilize people and objects by freezing their molecular structures.  He can also use this power to deadly effect, as he learned when he accidentally disintegrated one of his closest friends.

MAX (a dog)

Max is Tyler’s service animal, a German shepherd.  Raised from a puppy and trained to lead visually impaired people, Max is transformed into an invisible specter during the crash.  He cannot be seen or heard, and can pass through solid objects.  If he concentrates, he can make others like him and keep them that way for some time.  Only Zachary can see Max.  Tyler can hear him, as if from a great distance.


Laid off from his job and deserted by his wife, Carl was having a string of bad luck when he got the job as a bus driver for the school district.  Carl’s mind was expanded during the crash, making his mind an endless database of information about everything around him, as well as giving him the power to see possible futures, predicting the outcome of every action he takes.


When Kevin and Brandon realize they have gained powers from the school bus crash, they set out to track down the other kids who were on the bus with them.  The first they locate is Becca, who is gunned down right in front of Kevin.  Kevin flees the scene, only to have the military men track him home and murder his parents as well.  Brandon rescues him, and they soon connect with Zachary and Heather (as well as Max, unbeknownst to them, who follows Zachary unseen).  They know of two others, Simon and Mia, who have been taken back to a military base.

When Heather learns that these same men have murdered Becca, and that Simon may be in danger, she uses her power to mount an all out assault on the base.  Soon, they locate Simon and Mia, as well as Tyler, who has already been killed.  Zachary resurrects Tyler.  Thanks to Tyler, they find Carl, who is posing as a scientist named Dr. Samuel Juergens.  They proceed to interrogate him for information about what happened on the school bus.  Carl gets them to talk about what they remember about that night.  Impatient for results, Mia grows angry and attacks Carl.  Kevin fears she will kill him before they have answers, so he gets Zachary to bring Becca back to life as well.  Becca uses her powers to subdue Mia, but then is unable to get definite answers from Carl, who uses trickery to keep her from finding out who he really is and what he knows.  Becca convinces Mia to escape the base with her, but it proves to be a lie.  She leaves Mia to die while she escapes.  Carl convinces the others that his boss, a renegade General, is the real threat, and that they should go to the computer lab with him, where he has a prototype satellite that will give them answers about what happened to the school bus.  Carl tells them there will be a catastrophe if they aren’t able to stop it.  Tyler, wracked by guilt, volunteers to stay behind and hold off the soldiers.  Unknown by all of them, Max has conspired to save Mia, as well as Becca and Tyler, making them all invisible so they can find out what’s going on.

Carl sends Heather off on a wild goose chase, where she is captured by soldiers wielding hoses spraying a sticky paste that hardens around her; absorbing its properties proves useless.  Once in the lab, Carl convinces Brandon to fly the satellite into space.  Brandon falls for his manipulations, and once in space finds that the satellite is only a shell.  He turns back, but cannot catch the Earth, which is speeding away from him faster than he can fly.  He is lost in space, unable to get back to Earth.  Simon, concerned about Heather, leaves the lab to find her, only to be captured and tranquilized like an animal.  Carl convinces Kevin to look into a scope which is programmed to flash a pattern of lines and color that renders Kevin unconscious.  When Zachary bends to help him, Carl assaults him with a wrench and kills him.  Max, Tyler, Becca and Mia arrive too late to stop him, and can only witness the aftermath.  Kevin is taken to a room where he is kept under a monitor playing the same pattern, and Simon is taken to an operating room where doctors operate on his brain.  Carl instructs them to dump Simon at the zoo once finished with him.  Carl then proceeds to try to use inconsistencies in Kevin’s account of what happened versus the others to convince Kevin that the entire bus crash is an invention of his mind.  This ploy fails, and Kevin learns the truth about who Carl is and why he has been trying to destroy them: Carl knows that the school bus passed through a rift between alternate worlds, and each of the kids has somehow become a connection to those worlds, giving them their powers.  Carl’s visions of the future show that the school bus kids present a danger to the entire universe. He forsees a time when all of them are together and somehow cause a crack in the universe, where all realities collide together and are entirely obliterated.  Carl has been killing them to stop this from coming to pass.  He also reveals that Kevin himself is not from this world.  During the crash, the Kevin of this world somehow projected himself through a hole in reality and never returned, replaced by this Kevin, who is a refugee from an alternate world.

Kevin uses his newfound power to open a passage between worlds and vanishes with Carl.  Furious to lose her chance to punish Carl for what he has done, Mia unleashes a barrage of energy, knocking out Max and leaving her, Tyler and Becca exposed.  Mia goes on a rampage.  Tyler is left with Becca, who decides she has had it with all of them and wants to escape on her own.  Meanwhile, Kevin transports to an alternate world, a barren rocky place, where he abandons Carl.  Before he leaves, however, Carl warns him that he may be the catalyst for the destruction of the entire universe.

Back at the base, Zachary comes back to life, and finds alternate versions of the school bus that seem to have come out of the rift.  Lying in front of those other school buses are the bodies of kids from alternate worlds.  Asking God for help, Zachary proceeds to resurrect them.


Becca reached into her purse.  “Sorry, I’m gonna need a cig if I have to deal with this.”

“You smoke now?” Kevin asked.

She raised an eyebrow.  “Seriously? That’s the part of all this that bothers you?”

Kevin sighed, glancing around at the armed men who surrounded them.  She had a point.

“Do you think you could get them to lower their guns?” he asked.

“Cigarette first,” Becca said, holding it between her lips and raising her lighter to it.

“There’s kind of a time factor here,” he said.

“Isn’t there always?” she asked in a nasal voice as she held back, then released a billow of smoke.  Once she was satisfied, she nodded to one of the men.  They lowered their guns, but stared warily at Kevin.  “Okay, now why the fuck are you here? After what happened,” her thoughts turned to the rooftop, the crack in the sky, but she quickly pushed aside the image, “you said it was dangerous for us to be together.”

“It is,” he said.  “But I didn’t have a choice.  I need your help.”

Becca rolled her eyes. “What else is new?”

“I can feel you in there, you know,” Kevin said, “scrabbling around in my head.  You know that doesn’t work. Nothing works on me.”

Becca gave him an odd look. “You what? I’m not doing anything.”

Kevin’s eyes widened.  “Oh no.”

“What oh no? Oh no what?”

Kevin raised a hand to his throat, and made a choking sound.  He looked around the salon, at Becca, the agents who surrounded them, then behind them through the plate glass window.

“What the fuck?” Becca asked.

Kevin turned back to her, a terrified look on his face.  “She’s here.”


Kevin convulsed, a terrible dry heave emerging from his mouth.  He heaved again, and again, then collapsed backward.

“Jesus!” Becca said, her cigarette slipping from her mouth.

Two of the agents stepped forward, kneeling over Kevin as his body continued to convulse on the floor.  Suddenly, Kevin’s mouth yawned wide, and first one, then another, then dozens and hundreds of tiny forms emerged:





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