Notes on an upcoming Tale: KEEPER OF DAYS

If you’ve enjoyed MISSING TIME, first of all, I love you, and thanks. 🙂  MISSING TIME is only Volume 1 of a 3 volume story, the 2nd volume of which, TIME SPENT, is already percolating in my brain.

Second, if you’ve enjoyed that story, I want to talk to you about another story I will be writing, a wholly different type of story.  This is an epic fantasy series called KEEPER OF DAYS. KEEPER OF DAYS is as far from MISSING TIME as it’s possible to be.  For one thing, it takes place on a fantasy world which is not Earth.  For another, it is a far more linear tale, no jumping back and forth, and is narrated first person, by the titular character of the Keeper, Daniel.

Daniel is born into the order of Keepers, essentially Loremasters, who are tasked with keeping and maintaining repositories of knowledge throughout the world.  The branch to which Daniel is born keeps the count of the Days and Ages of the World, which we call the calendar.  Daniel is the brightest of his generation, and is chosen to be the next leader of their order, but before he can become a Master and lead them, he must undertake a pilgrimage to a sacred place known as the Eye of Stone.

According to the ancient lore of Daniel’s people, seven Lords were born sons to the Elder God who created the universe.  The seven Lords slew their father, and fought each other for dominion over the Old World.  Their cataclysmic battle raged for eons and destroyed the Old World.  The seven Lords searched the heavens their father had made until they found the New World.  In order that they might not destroy the New World, the Seven Lords made a bargain.  They agreed to take turns, each holding dominion over the World for 1000 years.

Daniel’s people keep the books of the seven lords, which teach all the lore of the keeping of the ages. A celestial event occurs every 1000 years, which Daniel must journey to the Eye of Stone to witness.  There, he will observe the signs and know which Lord will hold dominion over the world for the next thousand years, and therefore what Age will be in ascendance.  The current age, the Age of Storm, is drawing to a close.

When Daniel emerges from the Keepers moutain holdfast, however, he finds that the Age of Storm has lived up to its name.  Civilization has fallen apart, and a new warlord is conquering the known world.  The warlord is destroying all the places of ancient knowledge in order to set his son up as Emperor, and creating his own history, his own religion, in which his son is of divine birth and is therefore a living god, and his own calendar, in which his son’s birth heralds Day One.

I won’t tell any more, because I think you have enough to know what kind of danger Daniel is in, and what he will have to endure in order to bring in the new Age. 🙂

KEEPER OF DAYS will be divided into four books: The Book of Day and Night, The Book of Storm and Shadow, The Book of Wind and Flame, and The Book of the Void.

I’m very excited to bring this story to you, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! For now, enjoy the wrap up to MISSING TIME.  There’s still lots of crazy time bending action left for Kevin and company. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading. Be well.

(c)opyright 2012 and All Rights Reserved by J. David Clarke


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