Why Do Cats Have Tails? (sample page)

Now listen up, you kittens, and hear the last story of the night. This is the story of a cat named Chaucer, who lived in a cottage in the woods with his human family. My mother told it to me when I was just your age, and if a word of it be untrue, may my tail drop off and my whiskers fall out.

It begins on a Spring morning, and twice already before breakfast time, the human mother had stepped on poor Chaucer’s tail. She said she was sorry, but Chaucer just sat in the corner and licked at his tail softly, saying aloud to himself: “How useless this tail is! It is forever being stepped on, or shut in doors. Why must all cats suffer so?”

A sparrow had perched on the open window’s sill, and overheard Chaucer’s words. Birds are the nosiest of creatures, and dearly love to eavesdrop. With a chirp of laughter, the sparrow said, “It is your punishment for chasing so many birds!”

“Perhaps it is so,” answered Chaucer, “and perhaps not. I am only a housecat, I cannot tell such a thing.”

The sparrow, perhaps mindful that Chaucer had not tried to spring at him, responded kindly, “It’s none of my business, but you might seek the counsel of the Old Cat of the Woods. Perhaps she can give you an answer.”

Chaucer pondered this, and as the soreness in his tail was fading, he decided to take the bird’s advice. “Thank you, little sparrow. In return for your help, I shall not chase you today.” He jumped up and out through the window.


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(c)1992 by J. David Clarke


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