Intro: “Why Do Cats Have Tails?”

This was written as a children’s story writing contest entry. It actually started out as a much longer story, but I pared it down for contest space limitations. I’m sorry to say I have since lost the unedited version, but I still enjoy it as a fun little tale.

The inspiration for the story was the sight of a kitten chasing its own tail. I thought of kittens, as they grow, being at first flummoxed by their tails, until they learn to use them properly. That became the notion of cats having parables (as humans do) to teach their kittens, which became the framing sequence of the story. (I confess I’ve always loved stories about people telling other stories, it’s one of my favorite literary devices.)

The story within the story, the parable itself, is that of Chaucer, a cat who goes on a journey to learn the reason for all cats having to be stuck with tails.

I hope you enjoy it.



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