Intro: “Onion Street”

This is the second half of the creative writing final to which “Rudy with One Hand” was the first.

There is an exit between Austin and San Marcos, TX at “Onion Street”, and as I passed it several times on the highway over the course of my first year at school I frequently thought there was a story there somewhere. A place had to exist somewhere there on Onion Street where the layers of people’s lives got peeled away, and they found out that what was at the center was maybe not as great as they thought it was. The place became the Onion Street Cafe (I have no idea if such a cafe exists, and if so I have not been there), and the people became James and Rhonda.

James and Rhonda pick the wrong place to have lunch, and run afoul of the enemy of all relationships, and the enemy of love itself: TIME.




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