Intro: “Rudy with One Hand”

This story is one half of a final project for my creative writing course at SWTSU, and I liked it then and still like it today.

I think all of us at one point or another have had that friend who says outrageous “wrong” things and we laugh despite ourselves, and tell ourselves that it’s okay, when it may not be at all. Rudy is that friend, but the story is about the narrator, and how his perception of Rudy and his “jokes” changes, especially once they become directed at him.

The original version of the story lacks the final line. Years ago, while driving and thinking about the story, the line came to me, and I have added it in this version. Yes, I have Lucasized my own work. But so be it, the story was never published and I think the final line crystalizes the story in a way the original ending never did. Now I can let it go.

Trigger warnings: Racism, sexism, homophobia, making fun of developmental disabilities, rape. Rudy says every horrible thing you can imagine about just about every one. If you aren’t offended by something, I did it wrong.




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