Intro: “A Sliding Time”

This was written as an assignment for a creative writing course at SWTSU. I started with the image of Tad on the rock poised to dive and “clustered” other ideas around it. I was getting nowhere til I created a little circle with the word “Clifford” in it. That’s when I knew the story was about Clifford, not Tad at all.

The prose in this story is very experimental, so I’ll understand if it doesn’t work for you. Because Clifford’s mental state is unstable, some of the actions the narration attributes to his gaze and his mind are not normal for narration. “His eyes rubbed Tad’s wet temples” for example. Clifford is slowly decending into a very dark place where his mind does not work like yours and mine, and I have the narration reflect that.

Also experimental is the fact that there really is no explanation for what’s happening. Some hints are given, but nothing concrete. I think in life, bad things sometimes happen and there is no easy explanation for them.

Clifford is a father whose son is a disappointment to him. He has lost his wife, and seems to be losing his grip on his anger, and his grasp on reality.

Tell me what you think.



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