Intro to “Visitation Rites”

Intro: “Visitation Rites”

I’m going to try something different starting today and see how it works. Since WordPress places the most recent post at the top of the column, I thought I’d write an intro commentary instead of an afterword, so that folks passing through my main page will get the story first. Of course, that means I have to “spoil” less when writing the intro, so I may say less about the guts of the piece. If you like it better with an afterword, let me know!

This story was written as an assignment for a creative writing course. The assignment was simple: our instructor gave us one image (in this case, a bell ringing) and we were to write an entire story, with that included somewhere.

My bell became a school bell, and the story became that of a guy in his twenties walking the halls of his old school, and a strange chance encounter with a student.

It’s worth noting that since David is from the graduating class of 1986, and the story takes place in 1991, David and the girl are only about 5 years apart, just in case you were worried that this is about some sick child molestor. It’s not.

I hope you enjoy it!



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