Victim (sample page)

8:27 PM

The man with the gun grabbed Roger just as he was about to turn the corner onto the street where he lived. He was passing the park only one block away from his own home, on the return leg of his evening jog, when he felt the hand sieze his shoulder and haul him off the path by his sweatshirt. It was just beginning to get dark, and he saw no more than the barest glint of light off the gun, but he knew it was there. The taller man shoved him down, and Roger began to plead.

“Please, please, don’t kill me!” I’m not carrying any money,” Roger said, lying motionless on the ground where the man had tossed him. He had never been robbed before and was not at all prepared for it, especially in his quiet neighborhood.

The man with the gun told Roger to shut up and dragged him to a position somewhere between standing and crawling on his hands and knees. He pushed Roger behind a tall row of bushes and told him to stand where he could see him. The man stood on the other side of the bushes and held the gun up, aimed at Roger’s chest.

“Take off your shoes,” the man ordered.

Roger removed his shoes.

“Toss them over here,” the man ordered.

Roger complied.

“Take off your socks, and lay them on the bush,” the man ordered.

Roger complied.

“Now take off your pants and underwear and toss them over here,” the man ordered.

“…I’m not carrying any money or anything,” Roger told him again.

“I don’t want money. Toss them over here!”

Roger complied.

“Okay,” the man said, “now, quack like a chicken.”

There was silence for a moment. “What?” Roger finally asked.


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(c) 1991 by J. David Clarke


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