Thoughts on writing “Green”.

This story was written 22 years ago, while I was in Junior College. It’s a pretty sappy, simple, emotional imaginary friend tale with (to me, anyway) a twist.

The idea is that along the way, the tree develops a decidedly real existence all its own. It starts out simply saying the things Carla would be saying to herself, and saying the things she needs said to her. But soon enough it seems to be moving and taking actions of its own, and by the end, with the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, the tree’s use of the Green in place of the Lord implies an entire tree mythology beyond what Carla can and does know.

So the closer the story moves to the point at which the tree dies, the more it seems to emerge that the tree is really alive in a unique sense and not an imaginary friend at all. The narration comes from the point of view of the tree through most of the story, and even tells us Carla is the tree’s only friend, not vice versa.

It’s not perfect, but I’ve always liked it and I feel a deep sense of loss when I read it, not for the tree, but for my own childhood, which I can barely even remember anymore.

I hope you enjoy it.



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