Flag Burning (sample)

Penguins cross the desert, flipping coins of blue fire into the lifeboat.

In the sky there appears an anvil, glowing with tericloth oil. Sadness floods his perigee. But on he tumbles, spewing a sickening television sitcom. Imitations of glory, never a cashier’s check, flash through his wristwatch and make him fear. Fear Andy Kaufman’s ghost, which dances like a textbook on autumn hives.

Then it croons, that horrible pair of Guess jeans, and he gambles deep in his pores.


This prose poem and 9 short stories are now available for your Kindle device or app as an Amazon Kindle eBook titled “The Rubberband Man and Other Stories”. You can buy all of them for just 99 CENTS!

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(c) 1990 by J. David Clarke


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